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Our 5 industry commitments

Global producers of beer, wine and spirits announced in October 2012 in Washington DC, 5 Commitments designed to strengthen and expand their long-standing efforts to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

While we believe responsible drinking is consistent with the maintenance of a balanced and healthy lifestyle and is consumed as such by the vast majority of consumers we recognize the serious effects that the harmful use of alcohol can have. In support of the World Health Organization Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol, the world's leading producers demonstrate their support of international efforts to improve health and social outcomes for individuals, families and communities though the Commitments.

A closer look at the Independent Assurance Reports

Commitment 1

Reducing underage drinking

Reducing underage drinking, via enforcement of current laws and encouraging governments to introduce and enforce minimum purchase ages.

Commitment 2

Strengthening marketing codes

Continuing to strengthen and expand marketing codes of practice that are rooted in our resolve-not-to-engage in marketing that could encourage excessive and irresponsible consumption, with a particular focus on digital marketing.

Commitment 3

Consumer information and responsible product innovation

Making responsible product innovations and developing easily understood symbols or equivalent words to discourage drinking and driving, consumption by pregnant women and underage youth.

Commitment 4

Reducing drinking and driving

Reducing drinking and driving by collaborating with governments and non-governmental organizations to educate and enforce existing laws.

Commitment 5

Enlisting the support of retailers

Enlisting the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking and create ‘guiding principles of responsible beverage alcohol retailing’.

Beer, wine & spirits producers’ progress report

The 5 Commitments are to be implemented over a period of five years;
from 2013 to 2017. The signatory companies report to the global community on an annual basis regarding their progress on implementing the commitments. In addition, a qualified third party audits the companies’ compliance.

Download the 2015 Progress Report (pdf 3 Mo)

About the smart barometer

Pernod Ricard created the Smart Barometer to regularly share its contribution on the progress of the 5 Commitments. This visual tool aims to follow the progress per commitment at local, regional and global level.

The objective was to reach 20% by 2014 and 40% by 2015, then 60% by 2016, 80% in 2017 and 95% by 2018 (and not 100% as some local regulations may not enable us to have any actions). Each commitment has an equal weight of 20%. A mapping of the initiatives (either Pernod Ricard alone or in conjunction with trade associations…) is also available.

Independent assurance report

As stated in their Independent Assurance Report issued on July 2017, we appointed Deloitte & Associés to review the Smart Barometer and provide limited assurance on the scores and initiatives as of July 10th 2017. It is not up to Deloitte to update this report nor to follow up the changes that Pernod Ricard may have made on its website since July 10th 2017.

Download the Independent Assurance Report (pdf 2,2 Mo)

Download our methodology (pdf 310 Ko)