Pernod Ricard, créateurs de convivialité
  • We are committed
    to responsible drinking

    « The Pernod Ricard vision behind responsible drinking is our signature 'Créateurs de convivialité'. You cannot have convivialité with excess or innapropriate use of alcohol. »

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  • We commit, we measure

    « How can we help people around the world to drink responsibly ? Our answer is the Smart Barometer. »

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About the smart barometer

Our objective is to turn responsible drinking all over the world into reality and to meet the 5 commitments that we share with the industry by 2017. To achieve this, every one of us in our 85 affiliates and over 100 production sites needs to be mobilized. By turning actions into measurable statistics globally and by market, the Smart Barometer is more than just a progress report - it is also a stimulating call to action.

Our 5 industry commitments